The Kellington Family Series

This six-book series set in Regency England centers around the Duke of Lynwood and his brothers and sister.

The Emerson Family Series

A six-book series set in Regency England, centering around the Earl of Ridgeway and his brothers and sisters.

The Jasmine Cottage Series

A five-book series set in the early Victorian era about five impoverished friends who live together in a country cottage.

The Remington Mansion Mystery Series

A cozy mystery/time travel romance trilogy centering on Josie Mathews, a woman restoring a Victorian mansion in modern day Oregon who gets sent back in time to solve an infamous murder at the house in 1929. The second book takes Josie to Hollywood in 1936 and the third to London during the 1940 Blitz.

The Carmichael Family Series

This contemporary romance will ultimately be a six-book series about the wealthy Carmichael family in Los Angeles and Montana.


FRACKED is a paranormal romance in four parts originally published on Kindle's Vella platform for serialized storytelling.

Part-Time Elves

This is a stand-alone story about finding, losing and fighting for your soulmate.