Where Light Shines (Jasmine Cottage Book 3)


Publication date: ‎ 
November 27, 2017
Genre: ‎ Regency Romance
Print length: ‎ 283 pages

Daphne Peyton lives a quiet life in the country, a welcome change from a traumatic childhood. With little chance of marrying because of her modest background, she contents herself with her art and the dear friends she lives with at Jasmine Cottage. But when she gets the chance to help queen and country, she jumps at the chance to have an adventure, especially one with such a handsome gentleman.

Jeremy Beckett is recently retired after a career as a spy on the continent. But when an old foe appears, he's pressed into service once again. This time, he needs the help of a beautiful woman who's an expert on art. After a career of violence and lies, Jeremy isn't certain he can give his heart to anyone. However, the more time he spends with Daphne Peyton, the more he hopes it's possible.


“I loved following Daphne through her journey of self awareness and discovery and that she had a dashing hero at her side through it all. Jeremy Beckett is the hero that we all dream of, caring, sensitive, supportive and respectful.” 5-star Amazon reader review, 12/2/19

“Daphne is a darling. Jeremy is a delight. One fight. No bloodshed, no abductions. Just good story, through and through.” 5-star Amazon reader review, 1/15/21

“I appreciate novels showcasing strong, intelligent, adventurous women who find a partner who loves and values them for who they are and doesn’t wish to change them.” 5-star Amazon reader review, 6/16/20

“Ms. Driscoll never disappoints.” 5-star Amazon reader review, 2/9/21