Once Broken (The Carmichaels Book 1)


ASIN: ‎ B08P46Q785
Publication date: ‎ 
November 24, 2020
Genre: ‎ Contemporary Romance
Print length: ‎ 282 pages

Rhys Carmichael is famous for being famous. A regular on the red carpet with no job or known ambition, he's the target of vengeful exes and fortune hunters. But the truth is, he's just never found his purpose in life. That all changes when he's sent to the Carmichael ranch in Montana to look out for the family's interests.

Paleontologist Tamona Finley could be close to the discovery of a lifetime as she digs on the Carmichael ranch in a section of Montana known for being rich in fossils. But time is running out on her lease for the dig site and if she doesn't discover something big soon, it could all be lost to oil drilling. She has to work fast, but it's difficult to keep her mind on work when sexy Rhys Carmichael keeps his eyes on her.

Praise for ONCE BROKEN

“Once again, Ms. Driscoll has created a family I’d like to be part of.” 5-star Amazon reader review, 11/29/20

“I love books that revolve around a close-knit family and the Carmichaels are just that. The dialogue between the characters, especially the siblings, is wonderful, witty and funny.” 5-star Amazon reader review, 1/2/21

“I loved the book and am delighted to know it’s the first of a series. Keep them coming. Don’t make the eldest brother last.” 5-star Amazon reader review 12/7/20 [Note from the author: The eldest brother is last.]