Never Miss a Chance (Kellington Book 2)


Publication date: ‎ November 15, 2013
Genre:   Regency Romance
Print length: ‎ 271 pages

A duke’s daughter isn’t supposed to court scandal in Regency England. She isn’t supposed to involve herself in controversial causes. And she most especially isn’t supposed to expect love in a ton marriage. But Lady Elizabeth isn’t just any duke’s daughter. She’s a Kellington. And her expectations are somewhat higher than most people’s.

Marcus Redmond, the Marquess of Riverton, has been in love with his best friend’s sister for years. When Lizzie’s reputation is damaged, he offers her marriage, hoping she will come to care for him eventually. But can the upright, staid Riverton make a love match with the impulsive, passionate Lizzie – especially when there are those who are determined to come between them?


“Read it in a night, just like the first book! The Kellingtons are some well bred, good looking men/women. Family-oriented, funny and witty.” 5-star Amazon reader review, 11/18/20

“For as voraciously as I read, I’ve never submitted an Amazon review. But I just completed the Kellington series and had to come back to do so. These books are just plain fun.” 5-star Amazon reader review, 9/7/14

“I rarely give 5 stars, but this book has everything I love in a story I couldn’t put down. The characters were wonderful. The sex was hot. The humor was great (I often laughed out loud). Even the villains were fun.” 5-star Amazon reader review, 1/23/15